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Super Grip Lock: Stop intruders from unlocking your door at home or when traveling. It works on most deadbolts used in homes, apartments, hotels and motels. Rent or stay in a hotel or motel strangers already have your key. Protect yourself and help reduce crime.

Stop Bump Keys: Bump keys sold online open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key. Super Grip Lock makes deadbolts key & pick proof it also stops lock picks, passkeys, pass cards and duplicate keys from unlocking your door.

Industry Tested. Police Endorsed.

Support Your Local Police and protect yourself with Super Grip Lock — If you see something, say something!

The National Locksmith evaluating locks since 1929 reported, “Even when using a working key and a pair of pliers the key broke but the deadbolt remained locked.” They stated, “There is an unlimited potential for customers and the $10 retail is definitely right.”

The International Association of Police Chiefs fighting crime since 1893 introduced Super Grip Lock to Law Enforcement in the Police Chief Magazine.

Police Lt. Bryon, 22 year veteran reported, “It’s a Godsend for the traveling public and those who live in rentals.” It locks down your deadbolt handle and instantly makes it key & pick proof. Just attach and wrap as directed. “So simple to use even a child can do it.”

How it Works: Stand at your door and hold the deadbolt handle in the locked position, no one can unlock your door – Super Grip Lock does that job for you – No one can unlock your door when properly attached even if the intruder has your key! Attach and wrap as shown at bottom of this page.

Twenty-Five Percent (25%) of your purchase will be donated to the National Neighborhood Watch to buy Bullet Proof Vests for Police Officers who need them. Donate directly at: and help protect our protectors.

Note: 100% of ALL donations will be used to buy Bullet Proof Vests for the Officers who need them. NO administrative fees or personnel costs will be deducted from any donation for the National Sheriff’s Association – Bullet Proof Vest Program.

To Protect Yourself or Someone Else
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* Super Grip Lock is shipped only in the USA.

America’s Award Winning- Patented Deadbolt Accessory Police call a Godsend because it can Save Your Life!!

A woman’s invention that offers peace of mind at home or when staying overnight stay in a hotel/motel and whose security is of paramount importance to them and their family.

The Ounce of Protection worth a pound of cure. Super Grip Lock is an essential for your safety at home, when traveling, or anywhere you feel the need for additional personal security, including those living at a college dorm.

When it comes to Home and Travel Security in America the need has never been greater. The National Locksmith evaluating locks for the Lock Industry since 1929 who reported: “There is an unlimited potential for customers.”

The International Association of Police Chiefs fighting crime since 1893 introduced Super Grip Lock to law enforcement in their Police Chief Magazine.

Our Company is located in Sweet Home, Oregon and provides an outstanding Security Solution for homeowners, renters and travelers who live throughout America and we take great pride in offering our Industry tested and Police endorsed product at a price anyone can afford.

Super Grip Lock Solves Two Major Security Threats:

  1. The greatest security threat is the bump key. Locksmiths report bump keys open 90% of the locks in use and they open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key. Criminals buy them online and walk right in.
  2. The second most dangerous security threat comes from landlords and their employees who have and use the access key to gain illegal entry.

Protect Yourself with the Police Endorsed Super Grip Lock. Only-$10

Serving America from Sweet Home Oregon with the affordable Home and Travel Strap that can save your life!.

Attach & Wrap as shown

Super Grip Lock - Deadbolt Strap and Portable Travel Lock

Way you are Risk & Why Police Call Super Grip Lock a Godsend:

If you rent a home or room someone has

your key. Bump keys, lock-picks and pickguns are available online and open locked doors nearly as fast as a working key.

Super Grip Lock is the solution!

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Enhance the safety of your home by ordering Super Grip Lock from us today. We serve homeowners, renters, single parents, seniors, college students or anyone looking for high quality and affordable security solution for your homes, dorms, hotels and apartments. Serving America and beyond from Sweet Home Oregon.


Great product! Tried opening the other side of the door and it felt like the key was going to break off. I like it so much I am going to order another one!

Adrianna Martinez via

Works perfectly! I bought this for use at my apartment, and it’s solid and the deadbolt doesn’t budge.

Jessica Purser via

This little devise is inexpensive, very easy to use and best of all IT REALLY WORKS! I put this devise on my front door dead bolt lock and there was no way I could unlock that door with the key to our house.

Jerry M. Sanders via

Wow! It works great! My ex actually bent his key trying to unlock my front door. Now I keep extras around for when I travel, and to give as gifts.

Deborah Dove via

Excellent security! If you have the kind of lock and handle pictured, this is easy to use, very secure, and I don’t think it can be defeated!

Johann Mitchell via

This is a great (and cheap!) addition to any home or apartment with a deadbolt lock that wants a little extra security. Much cheaper than alternatives and easy to use… Love the product. Buying one for a female friend of mine who recently moved on her own. Well worth $10.

Paul Funaro via

Great price and so much extra protection! I feel safer now! With this product on, you can’t open the door with a key from the outside or even open it from the inside, unless you take the Super Grip Lock off. I love it.

Catherine Surloff via

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